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Welcome to CAYE UK

CAYE means Central African Youth in Enfield - a community based group that supports African French speaking communities living in the London Borough of Enfield in the United Kingdom. We are driven by the vision to fill the youth and family service provision’s gaps between existing statutory agencies and strive towards meeting the needs of African French speaking members.

CAYE offers:
An Enfield based Music Academy that helps develop children and young peoples’ skills and creativity through weekly music teaching programmes; improve their interaction skills as well as support their learning ability into further education or career.

Youth Club activities that provide children and young people the opportunity to spend their spare time more productively, and assist them to develop their self-esteem and empathy for other people, which in turn develop their interaction skills to tackle the issues of racism and prejudice.

Some more Programmes

Parenting Support Programme to empower parents to develop their own strengths and skills, help them to support their children in the children’s academic pursuits. The programme also raises awareness of the services and provisions available to help parents meet their family and children’s needs. It equally assists parents in understanding more about the British system of education and how they can support their children.

IT/ Communication Skill Workshop which aims to develop and improve the literacy, numeracy, IT, CV writing, and internet job search skills for our targeted group. This also increases confidence and self-esteem of our targeted group to take initial steps tp becoming independent from state benefit.

Click here to find out more about our charity. You may contact by email at the following To speak with someone about the group, call +44 020 8373 2666 or +44(0)750 760 4551

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